“Strom und Spannung v1.0” release today


This morning I finally released my calculation application about current and voltage. I know there are a lot of other applications that can do this too, but I wanted to publish the application. I think the application is very basic but okay. Another thing is, that I developed the whole application in German.

A lot of things changed since I last published an application, and the tutorial got even longer: http://developer.android.com/tools/publishing/app-signing.html

The main reason I developed the app was that I wanted to work with the new Navigation Drawer. Take a look at it in the following screen:

device-2013-05-26-100047This Navigation Drawer replaces my former tab-layout perfectly. And it’s really easy to implement. Take a look at the following sites:



But a least there is one good thing, the code of my app  is opensource, so you can check it out yourself and feel free to download the app in the play store.




I finally finished my first android library this night. The idea behind the android-square-progressbar library is that you can display a ProgressBar which surrounds a picture. This could be helpful if you don’t have  space for a normal ProgressBar or so.

You can find my github project here, this includes the actual library and an example app: https://github.com/mrwonderman/android-square-progressbar

You can download the library here: http://pub.signer.pro/android-square-progressbar-1.0.1.jar

And the example app here: http://pub.signer.pro/android-square-progressbar-example-1.0.1.apk

At the moment it has the possibility to set different colors. But in the future I see more features like thickness of the ProgressBar and some design things to. The library supports more or less all different shapes of images, as demonstrated in the example app.

Here are some examples how it could look like.

one two

To add this to a project, simply add the following part to your XML-Layout:

android:layout_centerHorizontal="true" />

You then can access it from the java code like that:

SquareProgressBar subi = (SquareProgressBar) findViewById(R.id.subi1);