android-square-progressbar v.1.1.0


Finally the new version of the android-square-progressbar is now available.  This version has some major features like:

  • custom width of the progressbar
  • easy methods to set the colours (holo-colours, hexcoloursand RGB)
  • better algorithm
  • new example app

In the new example app I made some bigger changes. First of all the pictures are now completely different, because I don’t want to run into any copyright problems. Another big change are the new 2 elements where you can set the width of the progressbar and the colour.

You now can simply set the colour of the bar with the following code:




This is really helpful and a better way to set the colour as in the first version. In the app you can choose the colour like that:


 Actually the new major feature is the possibility to set the width of the progressbar. I recommend to set it between 3 and 20 dp.


Here are some examples:


Another big improvement is the new algorithm. It is now working properly and it handles the width quite well.

Play Store :

Github :

20 Searches [through Glass]

“Strom und Spannung” version 1.1.0 release

I’m finally releasing a new version of the “Strom und Spannung”‘s app this evening. Finally I managed to make a complete translation of the app. I had to guess a lot of the tecnical words, but I think it’s alright. If you find something, please tell me :).

Some other new features are:

  • Much better unified UI
  • Calculation of the resistance when the temperature changes
  • Many user enhancements

You can get the newest version here:

Recording to my awkward roadmap, there will be a small update in a week or so for bugfixes. But the new major update won’t hit the play store until mid august. I’ve got some big topics I want to include into the app and make it available to tablets. But let’s see :).

At this point I really want to recommend the lint markers. You can right click on your android project and choose the following sub menu:Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 21.16.08
This will show you parts of your code that you can improve. This really helps to keep your code clean and avoid some UI-Bugs.