various android ui things


I just finished a small android project this morning. Yesterday evening I came across the code of someone on GitHub who had built a small duel game about Harry Potter. This was java application and you can play this in the console. So I then forked the repo and created the android application for it. You can find my project here:

The application is completely playable but I won’t publish the application to the play store as the game code isn’t from myself. But feel free to check the code out and try it yourself.

Now I learned some nice small things while writing the application. For example, you can append text to a TextView with the following command. So you don’t need to get and set the text manually.

textView.append("yay !");

Another thing is, how to make a TextView scrollable. I added the following lines to the xml layout of the TextView:



and in the java code you need to use the following line:


To display a Progressbar from right to left is very easy. Just use the following code:


This then can look like that:


Yannick Signer